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Step 2: Choose your style

We’ve got a wide selection of styles available for people with a slim body type. Our Lazio, Jort, Hartford and Washington suits are fairly straight in terms shoulder, waist and hip. These are the most slimmest fits in our collection.

The Classic

A lightly padded, narrow shoulder and narrow waist, coupled with traditional features like notch lapels and flap pockets, is the best style for a suit that works anywhere. These options are favorites when you have a taste for the classics.

1. Notch lapel

2. Flap pockets

The Contemporary

When you prefer something with a bit more fashionable appeal, few details are as effective as a peaked lapel and the subtle touch of a ticket pocket. A structured shoulder and a slim waistline will provide a slim figure with a more masculine silhouette.

1. Peak lapel

2. Ticket pocket

The connoisseur

Sometimes you just want it all. That’s why we’ve combined a soft shoulder and patch pockets with classic details like a notch lapel in a suit packed with sartorial details. This fit offers both understated elegance as well as great versatility.

1. Notch lapel

2. Lightly padded shoulder