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Step 1: Choose your body type

With our guide, you’ll be sure to find the fit and style that suits you, in three easy steps. Start by selecting what body type fits best.


Characterized by a narrow shoulder, waist and hip, slim figure pieces best complement those with a slender physique.

Narrow chest & shoulders

Waist and hips are in line

Hips & shoulders are comparable in width


Those whose shoulders are slightly broader than their hips will find their ideal style among these well-balanced fits. Take a look at what we’ve selected for men with an average build.

A slightly wider upper body & shoulders

Comparable waist and hips


When your physique is defined by a more triangular-shaped upper body, with pronounced shoulders and relatively narrow hips, a suit that provides you with more room in the chest and shoulders will be your perfect match.

Wide shoulders

Broad chest

Slim waist


For those of us with a relatively round build, where your waist is more pronounced compared to the rest of your body, a well-defined suit with a gently tapered waist will provide a perfect fit.

Wider waist

Rounder body shape